Haimeidi Q5 four generations unpacking experience (with real machine diagram)

The fourth generation of Haimeidi Q is the flagship machine launched by Haimeidi this year. It uses the best resources from all aspects of hardware and software and is very powerful in all aspects.

At first glance, the fourth generation of the Sea Mediterraneo Q5 is fortunate to see the all-metal body, at least worthy of this price.

Haimeidi Q5 four-generation high-quality metal body, the surface of the matte texture of the metal panel, surrounded by the same use of matte texture material surrounded.

Haimeidi Q5 four generations of the fuselage is square, the corners have done a sleek treatment, glowing silver metallic luster. On the front side is a LOGO with "Mango å—¨ Q" with a white plastic antenna behind it. As a 4K TV box, the support for wifi is certainly not small.

The front is a physical switch and a small display.

When the power is turned on normally, this display will show the current time.

In addition, the fineness of the Q5 four-generation mold is very high. From the picture, we can see that there are almost no gaps in the joints, and even the burrs do not. It seems that Hai Meidi has laid a heavy weight in the work and insisted on the quality concept of exquisite work.

Haimeidi Q5 comes with a more traditional layout of the remote controller, key path is moderate, and the feedback is reasonable. The function is quite powerful, the number keys can be used to call up the desired application. In addition, this remote control has infrared learning capabilities that are more powerful after learning.

Some details to appreciate:

The Sea Meidi Q5 four-generation interface can be used alone. The millet box once removed the Ethernet interface during the third generation, and the fourth generation of the Sea Medi Q5 went further and further in the other direction: not only the traditional interface was complete, but also added some other interfaces that the box did not have. The Sea Meidi Q5 four generations can be said to be the most powerful TV box on the market.

Q5 fourth generation configuration HDMI2.0a interface, CVBS composite video, left and right stereo, SPDIF digital fiber, USB2.0 and other interfaces, more SATA hard disk interface, easy to connect large-capacity SATA hard drive, is a fan favorite, there is USB3 .0 high-speed interface and 1000M wired network interface, with more efficient and stable transmission speed, the most complete machine interface, to meet all your needs.

Note that the Haimeidi Q5 is not a general HDMI interface but an HDMI2.0a interface. It provides up to 18Gbps of data bandwidth, supports 4K@50/60Hz high resolution, supports up to 32 audio channels, and supports HDR. , making bright and dark parts of the picture have better display quality.

If you are a real 4K video enthusiast, you will find that you will inevitably encounter a problem when playing 4K video in a TV box: the bandwidth of watching 4K video online is too much to eat, and it is too much space to download to the storage device. At the time, if you use the Sea Medio Q5 four generations, the problem is solved: Download the 4K video to the SATA hard drive, and then connect the hard drive to the Haimeidi box!

The msata interface can directly connect the notebook hard disk to read the contents inside through the extension cable. This msata extension cable is a standard one, and it is not necessary for the user to purchase it separately.

In general, from the actual visual effects, the value of the Haimeidi Q5 four-generation box is very high.

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