Can two big boys after the 90s set off a new wave of VR movies?

The most important thing in the domestic VR conference is the "strategy." This seemingly out-of-the-box word reveals the common cardinal state of mind of domestic VR companies and the fact that VR market framework is more than the entity's situation.

On May 25th, Microvision Online hosted such a conference. What is different from other strategic conferences is that this strategy conference did not tell too many stories about layout, but tried to prop up the entire scene through technology and content.

Can a post-90 banner fill the shortboard of VR movies?

The first players to appear were Qing Xian Technology's two founders, Song Yifan and Shen Tianyi. Qing Xian Technology was established in 2014 and is a company dedicated to virtual reality video and rendering technology. In 2015, the company received 4 million angel rounds financing led by Hong Tai Fund, and was partially acquired by Micro Vision Online in 2016 and obtained Million investment.

Throughout the speech, the two post-90s boys from Tsinghua University have been trying hard to explain one thing to the audience: Qingxian Technology can provide the best domestic and world-class VR video production technology. Song Yifan emphasized that the strength of Qingxian Technology does not stop at the application level, but lies in the underlying algorithm. According to him, the company has provided related technical support for China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry and other military-industrial enterprises.

In the world of technology and technology conferences, it is not easy to make such appearances, especially in the very artistic field of film and television. How can the style of Qingxian Technology be welcomed by the industry? A few words from director Yan Fei broke through. The relationship: "I found that in the VR movie, the big director's statement may not be easy to use. Faced with this subject, we are still primary school students."

The same is true. In the last year, VR's voices in the field of television and television have spread. However, whether it is a large amount of financing, the release of new content, or the platform of a big director, it has not really set off this wave. Although it is affected by the VR environment, but compared to the application of games, military, training and other directions, the progress in the field of film and television is still a slow beat, the biggest reason is that VR film and television technology is a "difficult bone ".

Only from this point of view, the obscure underlying technology touches on the pain points of the VR film and television industry. As for the effect, in the words of Shen Tianyi, "I read it and I know it."

3 million huge amounts of money to create 2 minutes VR concept film waste ink can become the industry benchmark?

At the press conference, Micro Visibility also brought the VR pilot concept film based on the famous online game adaptation, Tencent's IP support plan, the only VR project to cross the line of fire, and its own domestic development of the first VR IP video game, and also announced , The game that must be fouled: The tracker's VR lead concept film has also been under intense production. The latter has been adapted from the popular suspense novel by the well-known writer Ning Yihang and is a cinema movie co-produced with the "Baiyi Film Industry". .

Off-site set up four VR experience areas, namely, the Indigenous Period, crossing FireWire, anchor and Yang Blessing video. In the process of experience, as the output of the electronic technology Oculus Rift, the images of the waste ink era are smooth and clear, there is no obvious grainy feeling, and there is basically no sense of dizziness. The audience can have a 360 degree exposure to the movie scene, and the interaction between the head and the head is also very good. Naturally, it is extremely lively. In the ointment, the sound of the short film did not interact well with the scene and the equipment. There was no switching of perspective in the two-minute viewing. It is reported that this VR leader cost 3 million.

According to the main team, only one shot was actually taken, and most of the story was achieved by special effects in the later period. It can be seen that in the future production of VR movies, the proportion of technology will be much higher than traditional movies. In this regard, Shen Tianyi confidently stated that Qingxian Technology is by far the only VR technical team in China capable of realizing large-scale CG special effects for film and television, aiming to lead the large-scale benchmarking of the VR industry. Of course, everything has yet to be judged by the audience and the market.

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