Samsung does not give Xiaomi Huawei a living path? Samsung mobile phone with a price of 2,000 yuan

This year, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge captured the most demanding technology product reviewers for Samsung. Looking at the high-end mobile phone market at the price of 5,000 yuan, Samsung's competitiveness is no longer in the Android camp. In the dispute with Apple's faith, there are also many more people than usual, and willingly stand behind this Korean technology giant.

However, Samsung's mid-range mobile phone has been uncompetitive in the Chinese market compared with the same price products of Xiaomi and Huawei. Tonight (May 26, 2016), the emergence of the Galaxy C series may change this situation.

C stands for China. This is a product series specially developed for the Chinese market. Samsung China has opened a very unusual conference for it in 798. Samsung's conference style is known as "high-end atmosphere + clean and neat", generally 30 minutes to end the battle, not to open concerts, not science classes, and no feelings.

When the event came to an abrupt end, the curtain of the product experience zone slowly opened. After a few minutes, the experience area was crowded with people. Those who have experienced the product have written the word "stunning" on their faces. Samsung's mid-range products have never been like this, so everyone is so full of praise that some embarrassed to get twice the price of the iPhone comparison. Colleagues of Lei Feng, who are even brain-depleted fruit powder, have moved half of their hearts (the other half is worried about the operating system). I thought, such a mobile phone, really only 2199 yuan?

It can't be faked. The 5.2-inch Galaxy C5 starts at $2,199 (32GB storage) and the 64GB storage version costs $2,399. The 5.7-inch Galaxy C7 starts at $2,599. This series uses 4GB of running memory, 1080p resolution screens, and more importantly, their metal materials and iPhone level of exquisite workmanship.

In the highly competitive mobile phone market of 2000 yuan, Samsung handed over the best answer so far, and at the same time gave a lesson to Xiaomi and Huawei.

"Galaxy C, a mobile phone that appeals to Chinese users, has the ability to change the mid-end mobile phone market. Domestic mobile phone manufacturers should be careful." An anonymous mobile phone industry observer told Lei Feng.

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