It's time to say goodbye to TV. Ultra-thousand-hundred lumen LED intelligent projections are beginning to spread.

In the past nearly one hundred years, televisions are the most important part of a family life. It can be said that families without TV will have a lot less fun. However, as the audio and video equipment with TV as a physical screen, the screen is fixed and immutable. This directly leads to the fact that we are fixed in an existing size when watching TV. This kind of visual experience and experience No change, prolonged use is prone to fatigue. And the scene of the use of such "cured" devices for television sets is very limited, which greatly hampers people's viewing needs and actual experiences.

We need a more flexible and varied alternative. It must be a changeable screen. It can be simply used in other scenes. At the same time, the quality must not be lost on television. Such a solution is none other than a non-LED smart micro projector. The screen can constantly change with the delivery distance, convenient and portable, and can be applied in various scenarios.

But even so, the brightness has always been the short board of the LED intelligent micro projector, and with the increase of the distance, the brightness will also be lost, and ultimately we see the picture due to lack of brightness and experience loss. This is where LED smart micro projectors are concerned and loved by users. From the perspectives of color gamut, service life, and portability, these are enough for people's attention, but over the years, the brightness of LED smart projectors has been In the 200-500 lumens, this level of lumens, can only meet the general use, especially in the daytime environment, because the brightness is not enough, so it directly led to the LED intelligent micro-projector back on the "see dead" Black pan.

Isn't there no high-brightness LED light source to solve this problem? Of course there are, high-brightness LED light source is often high prices, in fact, as early as in 2008 there are manufacturers can make about 800 lumens of LED projection products, but the cost is too expensive, easily 100,000 yuan, or even 100 Million yuan, which is the above mentioned brightness and low cost. Everyone is eager to buy "value for money" or "excellent value for money" products, corresponding to the current LED projection is the "brightness then high, the price is low," the market demand, in recent years LED The trend of increasing brightness and decreasing prices of the light source smart projection also proves this.

It can be said that high-brightness LED smart projectors were previously unattainable products. They are not mass consumer products, let alone replacing television as the core of family life. However, the latest Coolo S3 released by Jingdong Public Funding Co., Ltd. for the first time achieved a balance between high brightness and cost-effectiveness, becoming a high-brightness LED smart micro projector that truly benefits thousands of households.

Cool LeTV S3 brightness reached 1000-1300ANSI lumens, compared to cool music as the S2 put up 120%, in one fell swoop solved the past smart micro investment in poor viewing during the day, completely out of the scene restrictions, 24 hours a day to see the giant screen. Higher brightness, in fact, can also significantly improve the contrast and sharpness of the image in ambient light.

The most important thing is that as a high-brightness LED smart micro projector product, the price is close to the people, enough to achieve a popular trend. Let the expensive high-brightness LED smart micro projector go into the homes of ordinary people, and it is not far off to say goodbye to TV.

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Manhole cover, used to cover the road or deep in the house to prevent people or objects from falling. According to the material can be divided into metal covers, high-strength fiber cement concrete covers, resin covers and so on. Has round type,square type or as demand. Can be used for garden, sidewalks, roads, docks, alleys and so on.

Product Information: 

Name: Manhole cover & Grating

Material: Ductile iron GGG50/7, Gray Iron

Standard: EN124/1433/1563

Class: A15,B125,C250,D400,E600,F900

Shape: Round, Square, Rectangle, Triangle and other shape as demand

Size: From 300(300X300) to(1000) 1000*1000 or custom size

Paint: Bituminous black

Advantage: Longevity corrosion resistance, Excellent anti-pressure

Molding: Depends on the design

Process: Drawing-mould making-raw casting-sand blasting-rough machining-surface treatment-product inspection

Application:motor vehicle Road, municipal administration, living quarters communications, electricity and water supply works

manhole covers & gratings

Manhole Covers

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