LeTV users must watch the free installation of software to see live streaming!

LeTV can be regarded as a brand that has just emerged and is very novel. LeSup originally made a video site, but also purchased a large number of genuine film and television drama rights, to support the equipment video resources. LeTV has a very high praise both in terms of quality and reputation, regardless of whether you bought LeTV or did not buy LeTV, you can understand the method of downloading free live TV.

In everybody's impression, only by installing a cable TV can we watch live TV broadcasts before we can see the programming station. In fact, this is not the case. Now that the network is spread across different households, the annual wired fee of several hundred yuan can be paid without having to pay. It is only necessary to connect the TV to the Internet and install the software. Now I will introduce several TVs for LeTV. The popular software that will be installed will install movie software to see more movies, programs, etc. You can see more live TV stations by installing live software.

Movie and TV software: massive genuine resources, high fluency

Mentioned video software will have to say this software, and cloud audio and video. Tai Jie (formerly known as Tai Jie video), this software is characterized by smooth and ad-free, deeply loved by users. Its film and television content is also a genuine content resource purchased by several billions. You can watch movies, watch TV dramas, variety shows, news, children, animation, live sports, documentaries, carousels, etc. through this software. You can find the programs you want to watch. , a unique ban on the United States drama is also everyone likes to see

Live Software: Watch TV Live Streaming Station

Among live TV broadcast software, the largest television station is TV 2.0. It has hundreds of large and small live broadcast stations, covering some of the major live broadcast stations of CCTV, as well as local stations of TV stations, etc. The update of content and program sources allows everyone to enjoy a quality experience, and this software also comes with a very positive party building channel to watch live broadcast software.

How to install software? Three steps to teach you to get

The first step: You need to find the installation package of “Cloud Audio and Video” on the Internet. This is finally placed on the USB flash drive and plugged into the USB port of the TV.

Step 2: After inserting the U disk, the prompt “Discover new device, check it now?” will pop up automatically. Then locate the installation package and click Install.

Step 3: Wait a few minutes. After the installation is complete, enter the LeTV App Store, select the app, and press the down button to the bottom page to operate the remote control. You can find the application icon for “Cloud Audio.Tai Jie”. Can enter.

Now that you have installed these two softwares for the box, you can enjoy a better life with the family on the TV. The two softwares complement each other. Whether you want to watch movies or show features, even live broadcast stations can satisfy you. The cost of cable TV is saved.

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