Very retro "new retro game hall: neon" push full version

Try the "new retro games hall: neon" game demo, and you will enjoy this nostalgic campus era trip. As previously mentioned, the game is called "New Retro Arcade: Neon" (New Retro Arcade: Neon). It was just released a game demo just a month ago. Now that the full version has also been released, both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users can purchase it at the Steam Store.

New Retro Game Room: Neon

The game studio said that the retro game room was updated based on feedback and suggestions received, but not all suggestions are suitable for the game. In the game, players will play with friends through a number of games and activity levels - a total of 10 mini-games - including classic game consoles, bowling, watching movies and playing in the neon beauty area.

In the updated full version, Digital Cybercherries' studio responded to everyone's support: “We are grateful to everyone for their support and encouragement in the community. The New Retro Game Room has started a study for us. This journey has helped us explore the potential of Unreal Engine, but it quickly transcended this goal and became a VR project full of retro passion."

The game has many features: a multiplayer game with six players, a customizable environment for watching videos on YouTube and Vimeo, interactive objects, and lots of eggs to discover.

The original price of the "New Retro Game Room: Neon" was 19.95 pounds. The current discount price is 17.95 and it ends on August 8. The demo of the game is still available for purchase, while acoustic music costs £6.29.

Continue to focus on the Baidu VR community (Micro-Signal: BDVRbbs) to learn more about the news and updates of the "New Retro Game Room: Neon" production team and the VR community.

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