Insta360 Nano Camera Receives Facebook Favorite Support One Button Share

In order to pave the way for 360° panoramic VR content, Tencent Digital (Su Yang) found a group of hardware partners, including the domestic camera brand Insta360.

According to Insta360's announcement, in addition to being the first to receive Apple MFi certification in July, the Nano panoramic camera launched in the market has become Facebook’s push for panoramic camera hardware. This is also the first time that Facebook has recommended domestically produced panoramic camera products. .

The Nano panoramic camera weighs only 70g and can be shot independently. It can also be recorded on the iPhone. It connects to the mobile app via the Apple Lightning interface, and captures, splices, previews 3K (3040×1520) panoramas or videos in real time, and shares them in one click. Go to Facebook, WeChat and other social platforms, and open the panoramic video shared by Nano on Facebook, turn your phone, or drag the screen with your mouse or finger to see every corner of the screen.

In terms of live broadcasting, Insta360 Nano panoramic camera also introduced the world's leading live streaming SDK. The third-party live broadcasting platform only requires access to the SDK, and users can use Nano to achieve panoramic live broadcasting.

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