The company that was founded by himself twice drove him out of his own billions of dollars and started his third venture.

Parker Conrad's life is like a movie, like a roller coaster.

He used to be the founder and CEO of Zenefits, a Silicon Valley darling, the protagonist of a legendary story, the founder of a $4.5 billion unicorn, who was twice driven out of his own company.

He used to be a scum, and later went to Harvard, but he almost couldn't finish the business.

He had cancer but survived.

The company he founded had never paid his salary, and he lived in an old apartment when he was down. He was later criticized for being extravagant and extravagant.

He may not be a good CEO, but he is deeply loved by employees.

He was once touted by VC and was also rushed by VC.

Now he may face legal proceedings from the US government, and he was exposed to the famous litigator John Keker.

He started a new venture, and he is the epitome of a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

He is very smart, but he almost dropped out after enrolling at Harvard University.

Although Conrad is smart enough, his high school was a school scum, and the GPA was very general.

Later, he participated in the "WesTInghouse Talent Search" Science Grand Prix. Conrad spent about two years in the neuroscience laboratory and won the third place in the country. This award-winning experience helped him enter Harvard University smoothly.

He then joined The Harvard Crimson at the Harvard University School and eventually became the editor-in-chief of the newspaper. He spends almost all his time in this newspaper. I work about 70 hours a week, and I don't go to class for about a year.

Conrad had to leave Harvard because of poor academic performance, when the term of his editor, The Harvard Crimson, was not yet full.

This is the most shameful period of life.

Fortunately, a year later, he returned to Harvard University and graduated with a successful academic year.

After graduation, he joined a biotechnology company called Amgen. Living on the edge of Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles, with a good salary, the company's people are also very optimistic about him...

At this time, Conrad's life is comfortable and enviable, and the promotion is very fast, giving people the feeling of going to the peak of life.

As a result, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. .. (indicating distress)

Life has been hit hard, and it’s really a fate. ..

Fortunately, he came over and healed after receiving treatment. ..

It seems that after this incident, I feel more and more short-lived, and I am tossing.

At this time, a university is often with him to do day trading Harvard friend Mike. Sha, find him, want to be a Wikipedia in the investment community with him, help others manage their finances. ..

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