Let's see LeTV as the advertising standard king! Who is this to call?

According to industry rumors, LeTV’s super-TV is to be advertised as the king and the contracted orders amount to 100 million yuan.

August 12 news, LeTV official microblogging released "LeTV big screen influence" summit countdown 4 days poster, Weibo copy highlights 100 million yuan figures, saying that this covers the trust of Super TV, seems to point to LeTV large-screen advertising , big screen shopping area. According to a deep-throat appliance circle revealed that in fact it is LeTV as the first king of super-TV, and the advertising amount of more than 100 million yuan. It is rumored that the advertiser is a luxury brand.

If the news is true, this will open a new era in smart TV big screen marketing, and become a milestone for the big screen marketing value to be clearly recognized by advertisers. In this way, the Super TV Big Screen has become the latest generation of strong channels following the big bids for TV stations and video websites. In the coming period of time, three pillars will be formed.

According to industry analysts, the term "standard king" used to be the "exclusive" of the television media. Each year, the bidding conference for mainstream television media has also become a barometer for the Chinese economy. The amount paid by the king has ranged from 100 million to several hundred million. At present, traditional television advertising revenue has entered a period of decline, so that a strong media is no longer using the "standard king". This also shows that the intention of advertisers has already shifted.

For example, with the beauty and cosmetics makeup of 22 million pap of jam patch ad, it not only set the highest price for a single video ad in the current history of human advertising. This means that the new media represented by it will decentralize the traditional media's pricing power on advertising and the short video creation market represented by it will soon be consciously detonated.

In the era of mobile Internet, consumers spend more and more time shifting from television to online. Media change naturally leads to changes in the form of advertising content. In a sense, the new media advertising standard king is born from here is not a papi sauce. Miraculous, she was chosen by the times, no papi sauce will also have piva sauce babi sauce.

If LeTV is to be the king, it can only show that this is the changing trend of the times. Super TV has become an important Internet portal for people. Advertisers have begun to favor the Internet.

In fact, it is not surprising that Super TV has attracted over 100 million customers. It is reported that by the end of 2016, LeTV will have a super-tenor volume of over ten million, which means that LeTV may enter the top three or even the first of China's TV sales, which guarantees that the advertising products will reach the scale effect of users. In addition, from the gameplay perspective, Super TV's large-screen operation provides more gameplay. For example, multi-screen live broadcast cooperation, and the brand can also be integrated into LeTV's conference to achieve (B + B) 2C's ecological marketing cooperation, more fresh than traditional advertising.

In April of this year, TCL exclusively authorized all of its startup advertising resources to LeTV to strengthen its advertising revenue and build China's largest smart large-screen advertising platform.

According to the statistics, the competition in the points of Super TV gold resources is intensifying. In the first quarter of 2016, LeTV’s annual average sales orders exceeded 10 million, and advertising revenue for single month was nearly 50 million yuan. Advertising revenue increased compared to last year. 545%, the number of advertisers increased by 557% year-on-year. The insider predicts that if one or two years are not followed, LeTV’s large-screen ads will compete with the status of Focus Media’s Xiaoping King.

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