Grave VR is about to sign in to Steam to feel the advent of darkness

The background of the story is: You wake up in a strange wasteland, but you don't know how you came to this wasteland. Your only clue is to follow a malicious correspondent who looks more knowledgeable than you. a little. You only hope that the monsters that appear in the dark will not attack you first...

In the game, you are the weakest creature in the night, so you need to be good at using various resources to protect yourself. The game does not provide regular weapons. The light source is your only survival tool. All the action controls in the game are intuitive. You can ignite a match from a box of matches as you would in real life. You can pick up a flashlight from your belt or you can explode a flare.

There are various deadly monsters scattered around the night, including zombies, ghosts, etc. Each monster has different skills and weaknesses. This is a story-themed VR horror experience. The fun and scary storyline and highly interactive environment will make you pay more attention to the development of the story rather than merely to survive.

Tomb VR was developed by the Broken Window Studios game studio. It supports HTC Vive and will be officially launched on the Steam platform on October 25 this year. It is not yet known exactly when the Oculus Rift version and the PSVR version of the Tomb VR will be released. The Ranger VR will continue to focus on coverage for everyone.

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