iPhone 7 is estimated to be like this

iPhone 7 is estimated to be like this

With the continuous growth of iPhone sales, Apple partners have increasingly leaked news about the new iPhone. Analysts for the mobile phone industry said that these leaks or the purchase of consumers had a certain negative effect.

Analysts said that people will see a lot of news about the iPhone 7 every day. Although it has not been confirmed, it will be clearly remembered whether it is appearance or performance. When they knew that the iPhone 7 would not change much, many consumers said they would skip the iPhone 7 and purchase the 10th anniversary edition next year.

In addition to changes in design style, next year the iPhone will also use OLED hyperbolic screens, and existing Touch IDs will even be integrated directly into the screen. Such radical changes may prematurely expose the iPhone 7 as potentially fatal.

Whether it is the rumors that the iPhone 7 hasn't changed much or that Apple will launch the iPhone 8, all these have affected consumers' judgments on the iPhone 7 more or less. Analyst Ham said that 2017 is indeed an important year, and Apple has a big move, but it still can't make a final decision on the iPhone 7 sales. These rumors do affect the purchasing enthusiasm of some consumers, especially users of contract machines.

If Apple wants to ensure sales of the iPhone 7, then it is necessary to curb the further spread of rumors, give consumers a certain sense of mystery, and truly provoke the desire to buy.

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