The necessity of installing a water purifier - it's not an alarmist

The necessity of installing a water purifier - it's not an alarmist

Introduction: The amount of water we drink every day is about 2-3 liters. Water is the source of life. Adequate and clean water can make blood and lymph circulation smooth. Our body can absorb nutrients and remove toxins smoothly. However, there are many rivers in China that are heavily polluted, and mountains, lakes, and lakes are linked together. Water pollution treatment is not a day's work. Drinking water that is not clean for a long time can lead to many terrible diseases. According to a World Health Organization survey, in developing countries, 80% of cases and 1/3 of deaths are caused by drinking unclean water.

Therefore, how important it is to install a water purifier. The water purifier is suitable for use in homes and any other public environment. High-filter water purifiers make tap water drinkable, and deep water purification is quick and easy. The water purifier mainly works on the filter element. Under normal circumstances, the more the filter element, the better the water purification effect. For example, a. The single-stage filter water purifier can only achieve the initial filtration, and the water cannot be directly used for drinking. b. Single-stage multi-layer (composite filter element) ) The water purifier can be further filtered and used according to the water quality condition. If it is a place with poor water quality, it is not suitable for this kind of filter element. c. The multi-stage filter core water purifier can have deep clean water, and the water can be directly consumed.

Of course, it does not mean that the more the number of filter cartridges, the better. Poor quality water purifiers use PP cotton filters instead of activated carbon filters and ultrafiltration filter cartridges to achieve a deep purification effect.

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