Low-frequency 饕餮 feast rambler H285 Reviews

As the leader of the domestic audio brand, the new product of the rambler will always touch the hearts of many people. Over the years, with solid technical support, good sound quality, and the price of the people, the rambler has always been at the forefront of the market. However, since 2012, the rambler seems to be not satisfied with the good results achieved in the audio field, and gradually expands the market to the field of headphones. In the first half of the year, the blowout-like earphone products seemed to herald the rise of a giant.

Edifier H285 Reviews

I remember that not long ago, the bubble evaluation rambler K830 headphones, although positioned in the low-end products, but the outstanding industrial design and good sound quality performance has been widely recognized in the market. Today, Xiaobian got the new H285 earbuds that the rambler just launched. Compared to headphones, the advantages of portable and lightweight earphones have always been the preferred products in the mainstream consumer market. Can the launcher of the Rambler H285 be competitively competitive in its class? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Appearance: Metal texture

Appearance is an eternal topic, and even if you are not an appearance control, it is difficult to resist the sensory enjoyment of superior industrial design. Therefore, the appearance of the appearance in the headset products is no less than the pursuit of sound quality.

Edifier H285

First of all, we see that the wrapper H285's outer packaging continues the family-style classic style, simple and generous. Through the front packaging, we can clearly see that the earplugs are quietly embedded in it, and the shape is unobstructed. This rambler has released a total of two colors, white hot silver and black hot silver, and I got the classic black version.

Headphones front

We saw that the new H285 of the rambler changed the plastic material used in the entry-level headphones. The use of all-aluminum material makes this earphone full of texture. The perfect combination of black and silver makes the headphones reveal a professional taste in fashion.

Headphones close-up

I have to say that the rambler is perfect for the design and production of the H285. From the side of the earphone, the cavity is composed of two color blocks, which has a strong impact on the visual. The bullet-shaped metal aluminum shell design shows the high-end temperament. In addition, we can also see that the print quality of the headphone logo and the channel mark has reached a very high level, clear and concise. At the junction of the earplug sleeve and the cavity, the rambler uses the bright silver of the polished material as the connection, and the rambler in the detail can spare no effort to do the best.

Filter close-up

Removing the rubber sleeve of the earphone, we saw that the Rambler H285 has a filter at the catheter. The density of the filter is large and uniform, which extends the life of the earphone while ensuring the sense of hearing. Today's earplugs, whether it is entry-level or high-end, have made corresponding improvements to the durability of the product, whether it is changing the line or adding a filter, which reflects the progress of the headset industry.

Attachment aspect

Due to the positioning at the entry level, the rambler only provided the necessary accessories. Three different sizes of silicone sleeves are included with the headset for users to choose from. The plug is a 3.5mm standard audio plug. It is worth mentioning that the rambler's wire is quite solid, the high-quality elastic audio cable has anti-winding effect, and the durability of the wire is improved.

Appearance summary: the success of the appearance of the rambler will be a pleasing product, rigorous workmanship, fashion design will win the user's goodwill, then how is it listening, Xiaobian can't wait to listen a bit.

Listening articles: low frequency shock

Despite being an entry-level earbud, Xiaobian doesn't dare to slack off. The iPodClassic should be able to play the true strength of this earplug.

Audition equipment: iPod Classic + Edifier H285

"London Bridge" Fergie

After 15 hours of use, the burr of the headphones basically subsided, and the sound gradually opened without being as tight as when it started listening. Start to evaluate the sense of hearing, the first choice is "London Bridge." Some friends may be a bit strange to the name Fergie, but if you say that it is the female lead singer of the black eyed peas, you may know. The song "London Bridge" has a strong Hiphop style, which is a test for the low frequency of headphones. The performance of the Rambler H285 really made Xiaobian somewhat surprised. The amount of low frequency can be described by turbulence, and the sense of volume is the biggest feature. From this point, it is suitable for "bass control".

If the number is used to make a quantitative rating, the performance of the Rambler H285 is:

H285 [Volume sense] 4.5 [Dynamic response] 2.5 [Dive] 3 [Strong] 4

"The World" Faye Wong

Next, we listened to Faye Wong's "The World", this song makes a basic judgment on the interpretation of the female voice, especially the performance of the high-pitched part. The Rambler H285 was first in the performance of the vocal part, the sound was slightly loose, and it was easily masked by the low frequency. In the treble aspect, Xiaobian really can clearly feel that the sound has been adjusted. In the high-pitched part H285, he regains the feeling that the female voice is clean and transparent but lacks the extreme interpretation of the overtone. Perhaps such a request is a bit harsh for the entry-level headphones, but the small-editing is to explain to everyone as much as possible. However, the earphones are low in the low frequency, and the clean and transparent on the high notes has already explained everything.

If the number is used to make a quantitative rating, the performance of the Rambler H285 is:

H285 [Extensibility] 2 [Analysis] 3 [Voice] Clean and transparent

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