Hailing Lighting National Store broke through 200

In the autumn of October, Hailing Lighting re-transmitted the news that “the number of specialty stores opened in the country has exceeded 200”, and dozens of contracted stores have been in the process of intense renovation, and will be opened at the end of this year and early next year.

It is reported that this year is a year of Hailing's strategic transformation. In June, the factory moved to the newly completed industrial park in Jiangmen, and the production capacity was greatly improved, which laid a solid foundation for the next take-off. At the same time, Hailing products were further enriched and transformed, from the original “small-scale” to “luxury”. "Transition, product development and update speed up. In order to highlight the cultural connotation of Hailing and enhance its overall competitiveness, it also launched the sales of mahogany classical furniture matching lighting, and the market response was good. The introduction of furniture products has not only installed the store, but also developed new growth points. The company has also re-improved and standardized a set of effective service system, namely “value-added service system”, which is characterized by expanding its turnover without increasing any investment. The hardware is more about grades and grades, and the software pays more attention to culture. And the atmosphere. In addition, the company has also integrated some of the stores that have been opened in the country, increased requirements and standards, strengthened after-sales service, and consolidated the relationship between manufacturers.
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