Shellett Optoelectronics shares fell to the price at the beginning of the year

In the past two days, the stock market began to pick up, but the stock of Foshan's local listed company Guangdong Snowlight Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is still at the price level in January this year. It has fallen from the previous highest point to yesterday, and has fallen. About 40%, the lowest point of the previous day fell nearly 48%, and most retail investors bought more than 16 yuan, most of the investors were deeply.

Snowlight's lowest price reached 12.2 yuan

It is reported that since the listing of Shellett, the highest price has risen to 23.5 yuan, most of which is concentrated around 18 yuan. With the sharp decline last week, so far, Snowlight found the lowest price of 12.2 yuan the day before, the biggest drop of nearly 48%, until yesterday's closing of 13.34 yuan, the decline also exceeded 40%, has returned to January this year The price is the largest decline in the listed companies in Foshan.

The reporter also found out that most of the stocks that bought Shellett were Foshan investors. In the comment area of ​​the stock of Shell, most of them expressed disappointment about the decline of this stock. "Before I saw it was around 18, so when it fell to more than 17 blocks, it was bought. Later, except for a daily limit, it has been falling, and it has fallen to more than 12 in the past few days. Although it has risen a little bit today, it is still deeply insulted.” Yesterday, Foshan’s shareholder Awen told reporters that most of the investors who bought Shellett were in more than 16 blocks. For retail investors, most of them are not willing to lose money. So, most quilts.

Shareholders were optimistic about Snowlight

"Before I bought the 10,000 shares without hesitation, I think that the company's performance should be good, and the future is not bad. I didn't expect it to fall into this way, especially in the past few days, giving people the feeling of falling to the bottom. A little desperate," said Mr. He, a shareholder of Foshan.

It is reported that Guangdong Xuelaite Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., located in Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, was listed on the SME Board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on October 25 last year. It is currently the largest HID automotive lamp manufacturer in China. The compact energy-saving lamp series, the Xenon metal halide lamp series and the ultraviolet germicidal lamp series have won the highest honor in the lighting industry and have their own property rights.

According to a securities analyst specializing in the auto sector of Guoxin Securities Foshan Sales Department, the HID lamps produced by Shelley are mainly used in premium cars such as BMW, and have not yet been popularized into ordinary cars.

The reporter also learned that in the first half of this year, a number of securities companies also tried to recommend this stock to investors.

Experts say that it is still possible to hold Snowlet in the long line.

It is reported that in the stock market in recent days, Shelley has been smashing around 13 yuan. In response to the stock price that has been hovering around 18 yuan in the previous period, some investors said that the stock is currently undervalued, and many investors have indicated that they want to buy in large quantities at the current price drop.

"I don't think it is so subjective to think that stocks are undervalued. Before that, many stocks were overvalued. Now it is an adjustment period." Guosen Securities Foshan Sales Department Securities analyst said that this Snowlet's plunge is not what Unexpectedly, first of all, many stocks in the small and medium-sized sector are falling, and the decline is more than 20% or even 30%. The current rise is all large-cap blue-chip stocks.

The securities analyst also revealed that if the performance is static, the current stock price is a reasonable price. "After all, many auto dealers have not adopted this HID lamp. Of course, it is good from the perspective."

For some investors who believe that Shellett's current stock is undervalued, Yao Haifeng also said that it is too subjective. "According to the information disclosed today is underestimated, but there are still many undisclosed materials that we may not have seen yet, so it is best for investors now to be cautious. Don't buy them easily, and take advantage of it." Yao Haifeng also It is said that Shellett has already announced the third quarter report, and now it has entered the fourth quarter. Whether there is a bubble is becoming more and more obvious.

At the same time, Yao Haifeng said that it is difficult to say whether Sheilait can go up in the short term. If it is short-term, it is recommended that the high point be thrown away. If it is long-term, it should not be a problem.
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