COPPER CLAD LAMINATED SHEET LAMINATES FOR PCBs AND PCB INSULATORS These specialized copper clad laminates or electrical grade laminates are manufactured by JinYuan Group in China. We'll provide good quality copper clad laminated sheets with competitive price. Most importantly, our expertise in this arena is unsurpassed. We specialize in custom thickness, coppers and colored applications for client all over the world. Our engineer direct, has over 35 years of experience with these materials and their applications. Under his direction, we manufacture these highly specialized copper clad laminates and are one of the few electrical grade laminates manufacturers to still operate and maintain a manufacturing facility here in China. COPPER CLAD LAMINATE FR4 Our FR4 copper clad laminates are a fire rated electrical grade, dielectric fiberglass material created under high pressure with electro deposited HTE (high-temperature elongated) Copper laminated on to the FR4 substrate. It is commonly used for PCBs. FR4 COLORS: BLACK*, BLUE & YELLOW, AS WELL AS NATURAL Colored FR4 is available in black, blue and yellow, as well as natural. Our black copper clad laminates and electrical grade laminates are used for PCBs with light blocking capabilities for LEDs, night vision and aerospace applications. Colored FR4 is available in a solid color throughout and a 50% natural and 50% color configuration. Note: All of our FR4 is manufactured in multi-tetra and di-functional epoxies. We also manufacture high-temperature copper clad laminates in FR5 with the same functionality, but exhibiting better flexible strength at elevated temperature (177oC.) FR4 Products / Applications: Terminal Boards Antenna Insulators Circuit Boards PC Board Insulators (unclad) FR4 PCBs Circuit Board Material Copper Clad Single- and Double-Sided Insulators UL94V0 approved and IPC 4101/21 and 23 compliant Ask about our materials that meet RoHS compliance. CYROGENIC GRADE TRUE G10 IPC GRADE / CRYOGENIC GRADE G10 is an electrical and mechanical grade of glass cloth laminate impregnated and cured with a non-brominated epoxy resin. It is also referred to as G10-CR. G10-CR conforms to Mil Spec Mil-I-24768/2 Type GEE. G10-CR contains no halogens and can be used in nuclear and aerospace applications THICKNESS/COPPER COMBINATIONS: In Natural: RANGE: .0025" – 2.000" with any copper combinations from ½ oz – 10 oz., single- or double-sided, in Class A, B or C (see chart below). In Colors: RANGE: .0065" – 2.000" with any copper combinations from ½ oz – 10 oz., single- or double-sided, in Class A, B or C (see chart below). GLASS TRANSITION TEMPERATURE, TG (C): GF Di-functional:125-135 GF Tetra-functional:140-155 GH Multi-functional:150-177 AVAILABILITY: In most cases, our lead time ranges from 3 – 5 business days, on custom thicknesses, colors and coppers. We also have same day to 24-hour turnaround on all JIT or blanket order stocking programs, with great credit terms for approved customers. Inquire about this program to see if you qualify. ASK ABOUT OUR RoHS COMPLIANT MATERIALS. Thickness and Tolerance for Copper Clad Laminate Core/Overall. Nominal Thickness of laminates with cladding (inches) Class A (Reinforced) Class B (Reinforced) Class C (Reinforced) .0025 - .0045 ±.0010 ±.0007 ±.0005 .0046 - .0065 ±.0015 ±.0010 ±.0007 .0066 - .0120 ±.0020 ±.0015 ±.0010 .0121 - .0199 ±.0025 ±.0020 ±.0015 .0200 - .0309 ±.0030 ±.0025 ±.0020 .0310 - .0409 ±.0065 ±.0040 ±.0030 .0410 - .0659 ±.0075 ±.0050 ±.0030 .0660 - .1009 ±.0090 ±.0070 ±.0050 .1010 - .1409 ±.0120 ±.0100 ±.0080 .1410 - .2500 ±.0220 ±.0150 ±.0120 CLASS A/B – Tolerance value is determined by normal base thickness (less cladding). Tolerance is applied over the based plus cladding, with no additional tolerance for cladding thicknesses allowed. CLASS C – These tighter tolerance values are determined by normal base thickness (less cladding). Tolerance is applied to base thickness only, and through product selection, at 15% premium over CLASS A/B material. Material Characteristics for Epoxy Clad and Unclad Laminates per IPC Sheet sizes are 36+" x 48+", or cut-to-size custom panels. The data listed is typical and is for information purposes only. Tests should be conducted at the user`s facilities to verify product suitability for each particular application. For application questions and technical information contact the following: Winnie Wu, Director of Outside Sales,