The key to heat dissipation and price LED lighting

LED lighting applications are highly optimistic, LEDinside pointed out that LED lighting market opportunities are endless, the current LED brightness has also reached the use of demand, but in addition to the price is still high, LED lighting reliability is still poor to be overcome. Therefore, to improve the market acceptance of LED lighting, price and heat design improvements will be important.

Since only 20% of the power input by the high-power LED is converted into light, the rest of the energy will appear in the form of thermal energy. Therefore, if the thermal energy is not discharged in time, the temperature of the LED will continue to rise, and the light decay and life will become fatal injuries to the LED product. In order to accelerate the popularity of LED lighting, the LED industry is currently working on a viable technology for effective heat dissipation.

Including LED dies, packaged to luminaires, each link is closely related to heat dissipation efficiency. Possible strategies for thermal design include die structure, heat sink substrate material (metal/ceramic/graphite/diamond), heat sink/fin, liquid immersion heat management package, fan application, and more.

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