Promising LED store will become the trend of the times

In the surveys of cities in East China, North China, Northwest China and Northeast China, although LED merchants have not formed a strong brand awareness, most of them have already seen the market prospects of LEDs, and they all hope to get a piece of cake in the local market as soon as possible. . With the increasing market share of brands such as Yinyu, Auman and Weilai, some even believe that LED stores will become the trend of the times.

Huadong Region

Influx of many brands and businesses in Hangzhou

At present, there are 5 LED specialty stores in various lighting markets in Hangzhou, mainly focusing on more than 120 LED lighting products businesses in Hangzhou. They are mainly engaged in operating light strips, guardrail tubes and small lamp cups, but most of them are currently Smaller and no brand display. Among the LED brands, Guangdong brands occupy more than half of the local market, among which Weilai, Auman and Yinyu are among the best.

LED lighting stores represented by Auman Lighting began to bloom in the country.

According to Sun Lingsan, general manager of Zhengda Lighting, LED has developed into the field of civil lighting in recent years, but most of the households are still used for decoration, which does not hinder the overall market share, many brands and businesses. The influx is the best testimony. In the sales channels, mainly in engineering and wholesale, and from passive to active, this performance is particularly evident in the engineering field. Some of them are directly taken over by the door or imported through engineering companies, and some stores have begun to pay attention to the scene display.

Linyi merchants have grown exponentially

At present, there are more than 80 merchants engaged in LED operation in Linyi Lighting City, among which there are about 20 merchants operating LED light cups and buried lights, and nearly 50 merchants selling goods, and only 30 of them have real agency rights in the market. . Since the relocation of Linyi Lighting City, the market image has a qualitative leap, and the number of LED stores has reached 12, which is three times higher than before. At present, the well-known brands in the market include Hong Kong Weilai, Qinshang, Yinyu, Greenman, Auman, Huazhi, Jingdian, and NVC LED lights are also joined. The most popular products in the whole market are medium and low-end products, mainly because of the relatively low price and large wholesale volume. Among them, Dachang, Jinyang, Jiayang, Wanhong, and Mantianxing have the largest sales, ranging from 3 million to 6 million yuan.

According to Wan Zheng Lighting Luo Zhengbao, several well-doing businesses in the market have been operating for 10 years, with more customer resources and wholesale. In addition, this year, market players have doubled, competition has increased significantly, and price profits have also fallen by 10%. However, the market outlook is still optimistic, because LED merchants are more busy than other lighting merchants, showing that demand is still increasing.

Nanjing LED lighting project has good prospects

At present, there are only 20 dealers operating LED in Nanjing. The common LED lighting brands in the market include Shifu, Yinyu, Auman and Xianlang. Nanjing is mainly a local brand occupying the market, and large-scale projects are generally contracted by enterprises. This is one of the main reasons why many merchants give up operating LED lighting. Now the business is more optimistic about the LED product market prospects, they want to get a piece of cake early.

According to Sun Shuqing, general manager of Jinzheng Decoration City Nanjing Zhenliangli Lighting Project, LED products mainly use all the bars, hotels, parks, urban communities, office buildings, leisure and taste, and home improvement lighting projects. In the market, the price of LED products is relatively transparent, mainly LED light strips, LED guardrail lights, LED light cups, etc. The prices of these products have decreased compared with the prices of previous years, but the sales volume is large.

Hefei market lacks brand awareness

There are more than 400 dealers in Hefei, many of which will sell some LED lights and other products, but not professional LED lighting. There are more than 10 merchants who have done a good job. They are represented by Anhui Jianke Technology Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. and Hefei Jiabaorong Electric Appliances Operation Department. The best-selling brands are Nanyue, Zhongou, Tianbo, Shifu, and Yuyu.

According to He Haifeng, general manager of Anhui Achao Lighting Co., Ltd., the Hefei municipal government has more bidding for urban lighting projects, especially for some road and bridge projects. The prospect of LED is very good. It is worth mentioning that a good brand is not good in Hefei market, because many engineering projects will not specify which brand to choose, the cheaper the better, mainly because of the high cost performance.

Nanchang's lack of consumption

Nanchang Market currently operates only 7 professional LED shops, including Nanchang Jiaming, Nanchang Yinyu, Nanchang Guangzheng, etc. Some of the engineering-oriented businesses have a wall display LED products in the store; There are about one hundred merchants on the exhibition board. According to the merchants, the small exhibition boards are generally provided by the manufacturers. At present, the LEDs that have a great influence in the Nanchang market are: Yinyu, Weilai, Huazhiyu, Auman, Zhenmei, Guangzheng, etc.

Nan Nanguang, general manager of Nanchang Guangzheng Electronics, said that LED development is a general trend. At present, the relatively large cities in Jiangxi are still very weak, and consumption level is also one of the main factors restricting LED development.

North China

Beijing application lighting market has great potential

With the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection taking root in the minds of consumers, LEDs have sprung up in major markets in Beijing. There are about 50 merchants doing LEDs in Beijing, and five of them are in the form of specialty stores. The top 5 LED brands in Beijing are: Yin Yu, Hua Zhi Yu, Wei Lai, City Light, Hong Yu.

According to the LED Science and Technology Lighting Manager, the LED market has rapidly expanded to include streetlights, displays, and lighting applications due to the Beijing Olympics economy. The LED market in Beijing has great potential and can achieve around 300 million yuan per year.

Shijiazhuang market share is small

The market share of LED merchants in Shijiazhuang is very small, accounting for only 5% of the overall lighting market. There are currently 20 LED dealers, of which only 2 are specialty stores, namely Yin Yu and Wei Lai. Other businesses only appear in the form of monopoly areas, monopoly walls or even a shelf. The main brands in the market are: Yinyu, Weilai, Zhongchang, Auman, Quanxin and so on.

The LED merchants in Shijiazhuang are mainly based on engineering, and there are very few retail and wholesale products. These products belong to the middle and high-end series, and the price is not high, which is very suitable for the consumption level of Shijiazhuang. However, Shijiazhuang and even the entire Hebei Province are now being rebuilt in the old city, and the demolition is far more than the newly built buildings. As a result, the current lighting market is very deserted.

Taiyuan price war is correct

There are more than 100 dealers operating LED products in Taiyuan, and there are dozens of brands. At present, there are only 2 specialty stores, namely Yinyu specialty store and Huazhiyu specialty store. Among the many brands in Taiyuan, the top five brands in terms of comprehensive strength include Mingjiu Li, Yinyu, Huazhiyu, Minhua, and Greenman. Their dealers are relatively large distributors, which have a great boost to the promotion of the brand.

Yan Songyue, general manager of Taiyuan Taitong Lighting, said that the biggest change in the market is that dealers are operating more and more LED products. This year, with the increase of LED manufacturers, especially some small and medium-sized manufacturers entered the LED field, resulting in price wars. This is very exciting for the local market.

Tianjin middle and low-end brands are mostly

At present, there are more than 30 merchants operating LED lighting products in Tianjin market, but there are only 7 merchants specializing in LED lighting. In the LED field, the Tianjin market did not form a professional brand store. The more famous LED brands are mainly Lidell, Rainbow, Huazhi, Yinyu and other brands. Tianjin LED lighting market is mainly based on low-end LED brands, high-end brands are rare.

According to Guangbao, the person in charge of Tianjin Sunshine Technology Lighting, the current LED lighting products in Tianjin market are mainly advertising companies and lighting engineering companies. The sales channels are mainly based on engineering, to government projects, night-taste shopping malls, etc. The supply of the place, the market capacity is about 150 million yuan. In terms of sales of LED products, current products such as rainbow tubes and guardrail tubes are selling more than other LED products.

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