Japan launched 48mW UV LED lamp (Figure)

Japan surface mount type UV LED lamp NS375L-4SFG

Nitride Semiconductor, a Japanese company engaged in the UV LED business, has developed a surface-mount UV LED lamp NS375L-4SFG with an optical power of up to 48 mW when a current of 100 mA is applied. The output wavelength is 375 to 380 nm. When the original product NS375L-7SFF applied a current of 20 mA, the optical power was 3.5 mW. The chip size has been increased by more than 4 times, from 280 μm 280 μm of the original product to the current 600 μm 600 μm.

The angle of the developed UV LED lamp is 120 degrees. The outer dimensions are 4.2mm4.2mm1.3mm. The operating temperature range is -30 to +80 °C. Sample shipments will begin in December 2008.

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