Waiting for the light

Lao Ni knows the street lights in Shenyang very well.

Tianer said that it was cold and cold. On the 24th in Shenyang, the temperature dropped by more than 10 degrees Celsius from the previous two days. However, the change of the weather did not stop Ni Shuchun, but he and his wife repeatedly put on a thick dress and rode the 28-year-old "permanent card" bicycle that accompanied him for more than ten years. His new day's "lights trip". In some people's eyes, the 71-year-old Ni Nier is a weirdo, but more people still have a thumbs up, boasting that he is a good person, "Bright Envoy" is his nickname, very "martial arts." All of this is due to his career that has lasted for 11 years. Since 1997, he has been riding bicycles through the streets of Shenyang to patrol and repair street lights.

More than 20,000 kilometers, illuminating 4,000 damaged street lamps, this is the miracle accumulated by Ni Shuchun, an old man from the Maoquan community in the Fengtan Street of Shenhe District, day after day. He was also named as a civilized citizen of Shenyang City and a civilian hero of Shenyang City.

"New business" triggered by a street light pole

At first, Ni Shuchun was unable to adapt to life after retirement. The children said, go on a walk in the park, play mahjong, enjoy music and enjoy the land. Father does not do it, saying that it is equal to the rest of the life. Ni Shuchun intends to retreat. He found the community and said he wanted to do something about public welfare. The community cadres thought for a moment. "We have a service team here to help residents repair the pipes and corridor lights. Can you join?" Since then, Ni Shuchun has become a volunteer in the community.

One day in 1997, Ni Shuchun went to the youth park for morning exercise and saw a street lamp pole that was hit by a tractor. It was not repaired for several days. Ni Shuchun inquired about finding the Shenyang City Lights Bureau and explaining the situation to the staff. Unexpectedly, the old man’s move caught the attention of the leaders of the bureau. On that day, the director enthusiastically invited him to the office and expressed his gratitude for his enthusiasm. When leaving, the Secretary asked: "Old people, are you willing to be our street lamp supervisor?" Ni Shuchun accepted this task without hesitation.

On the second day, Ni Shuchun put on the brand of “Supervisor of Urban Road Lighting Facilities in Shenyang City” and started his new career. The ordinary citizen with this status, Ni Shuchun is the first in Shenyang’s history. He has a small "privilege". No matter where the damaged street lamp is found, he can call the director directly. The repairer will rush to the scene for repair in the shortest possible time.

Walking through the streets and running through the streets

Ni Shuchun’s old man is 11 years old. He can’t move, the wind and rain are not wrong, and he has never shouted.
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