Wu Changjiang: Deductive lighting industry leader

“Creating a world brand and striving for the industry’s first 18 years ago, when Wu Changjiang made this statement at the opening ceremony of the enterprise, all the people, including his two partners, thought that he was definitely “bringing”! Because, At that time, NVC, the factory was rented, the staff was new, and the money on the account was "not enough for the production line."

Today, the NVC Lighting Industrial Park covers an area of ​​200,000 square meters. Chongqing Wanzhou Industrial Park was put into operation in March this year, and the production base in Linyi, Shandong Province was completed. The output value of NVC Lighting has exceeded 2 billion yuan, becoming the "leading boss" in the lighting industry.

To achieve this, NVC lighting only took 8 years! This has to be said to be a miracle.

Working south, I realized the "Boss Law"

In 1965, Wu Changjiang was born into a miner's family in Tongliang, Chongqing. In his memory, the entire elementary school is barefooted to school, but often the parents get back the full paper.

After graduating from high school, Wu Changjiang was admitted to Northwestern Polytechnical University to study aircraft manufacturing. After graduation, he entered a national defense “three-line factory” in Hanzhong, Shaanxi. In 1992, Wu Changjiang went to the south of Panyu, and went to Panyu, Guangdong, to enter a Hong Kong-owned lighting company. Every day, witnessing the boss making money like a machine, he started his first thought about fate: others can be bosses and I can't? In a small notebook, he summed up the "Boss Law" one by one: first, the boss can suffer; second, the boss is bold and dare to take risks; third, the boss has business intuition, good at grasping opportunity……

A year later, Wu Changjiang’s passbook had 15,000 yuan. At this point, he suddenly found out that the "Boss Law" written on the notebook has its own rules. "The other thing is that they don't have it, that is, I have more books than they read."

"For entrepreneurs, money is not the most important thing. The key is that you don't have the qualities of an entrepreneur." A few years later, Wu Changjiang recalled his initial business. In 1994, Huizhou Minghui Electric Co., Ltd., with a total capital of 100,000 yuan and a total of seven or eight shareholders, was established.

“The first order was a 20,000 transformer from a Hong Kong boss. It was requested to be delivered within two weeks. Anyone familiar with this trip knows that it will take one month to open the mold, but I did not hesitate to pick it up. The portraits went crazy for more than ten days, and finally delivered on schedule, earning more than 200,000 yuan in one breath." Wu Changjiang recalled the enthusiasm of the time, still as excited as a child.

However, in less than a year, the company had guilty, the company was finally sold, and each shareholder had a sum of money to disband. Wu Changjiang has become a wage earner – hired as a manager by a lighting company.

This is a company that does OEM for multinational companies. Wu Changjiang does not satisfy this kind of “simple labor” that is subject to people. He recommends that the boss create his own brand to do the mainland market, but the boss is very satisfied with the status quo: the mainland market is chaotic and disorderly. It is better to live on an acre of three points and be safe!

Wu Changjiang turned and went out – he was such a person who was uneasy and self-sufficient.

Re-launching again, to be "the industry first"

At the end of 1998, Wu Changjiang and two high school students joined in 1 million yuan to establish Huizhou NVC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. At that time, there were at least 3,000 lighting companies in the Pearl River Delta region, and no one noticed the existence of NVC.

Wu Changjiang is confident and even paranoid. A friend of one of his universities told reporters that Wu Changjiang had a persistent spirit of "unsuccessful to become a benevolent" and "not to accept defeat." In the school, a classmate taught him to paint. In the end, Wu Changjiang won the first prize at the exhibition, and his "teacher" won only the third prize.

NVC operates in accordance with international brands. In 2000, when NVC just entered the market, there was a quality accident, and Wu Changjiang decided to “recall” all. This time, NVC lost more than 1 million yuan, but it won the market reputation. At the end of the year, NVC’s sales reached 70 million yuan.

Wu Changjiang began to feel restless again. He decided to implement the first store model in the industry. "NVC has just started, the product is not full of half-wall walls, what store to open?" Many people do not understand.

In July 2000, the first store opened in Shenyang. In fact, it is said that it is a monopoly, but it is a sign on the store door, and an area is drawn in the store to be a NVC counter. If someone is willing to do it, NVC will pay the money to the dealer.

A year later, the number of specialty stores has grown to more than 20, and they reflect: "The store that hangs the brand is much better than the one that doesn't hang." In the meantime, some dealers even ran to the NVC headquarters and received a brand. Go back happily.

High-rise earthquake dealers "turned down" leaving Wu Changjiang

In 2005, when NVC was rapidly emerging in the market, the company experienced an "earthquake" that most private enterprises experienced together.

There were serious differences between the three shareholders. The other two shareholders believe that they have been investing in the past few years, and now they should make a dividend when making money; and Wu Changjiang believes that the company is not big enough, and the money earned should be invested again!

The two sides do not give in to each other, the final showdown between shareholders! The result of the vote was that two votes were in favor and one vote was against, Wu Changjiang was out! He was asked to take away 80 million yuan and completely withdraw from NVC.

80 million! For Wu Changjiang, this is just a figure. What made him even more distressed was that he would leave the NVC to build.

However, on the third day after the signing of the agreement, things have changed dramatically. When Wu Changjiang left Huizhou, he received a phone call from a supplier and asked him to hurry back to the company.

As soon as he arrived in Huizhou, he was taken directly to the conference hall, and the other two shareholders were surrounded. More than 200 suppliers and distributors across the country, as well as the company's middle and high-level cadres, black and pressure packed the house. The banner of the "NVC Strategy Seminar" was also picked up at the scene.

The supplier and the dealer gave each of the three shareholders a stool and let them sit across the podium, just as they were judged.

A dealer in Jilin said with tears: "I have been pouring on NVC for so many years of hard work. I can't put this brand into the fund of NVC on the NVC because of the differences of opinions of several of you. There are 13 million yuan. "If NVC is awkward, I will start from the beginning." ”

In the end, everyone decided to vote by hand. The result was that all the votes were passed by Wu Changjiang and the other two shareholders said they withdrew.

“Defiance” by suppliers and distributors dominates the high-level personnel changes of a company and creates a precedent in the history of enterprise development. “NVC does not have Wu Changjiang, just like a person has no soul, he is the spirit of this enterprise. leader. "He Xianfeng thinks.

Wu Changjiang left, but he must pay the other two shareholders a total of 160 million yuan of equity transfer. According to the agreement signed by the two parties, Wu Changjiang must first pay 50 million yuan for a total of 100 million yuan in one month, and the balance must be paid in half a year. Two days later, the lawyer gave Wu Changjiang a supplementary agreement. If he could not pay on time, he would auction his shares and brand.

At that time, the love of DVD, because of the equity turmoil, was taken away 50 million yuan of funds, the company fell. Can Wu Changjiang survive this pass?

The dream of getting through the robbery is just in sight.

Wu Changjiang’s news of suffering was quickly spread in the circle. Someone even lent a few million yuan to Wu Changjiang. They didn’t want to fight the debts. A friend who met for the first time also generously loaned him 20 million yuan. Wu Changjiang returned to the company and saw the real estate license and cash brought by the employees of the company “he was piled on the table and was half-high” and cried.

Wu Changjiang paid the funds of the two shareholders as scheduled. Although the company was badly hurt, it ushered in the most brilliant growth. In 2006, NVC sales reached nearly 1.5 billion yuan, becoming the industry's well-deserved "leading boss."

That is, in this year, NVC established an industrial park in Huizhou, and invested hundreds of millions of yuan in Linyi, Shandong and Wanzhou, Chongqing to create the largest lighting base in North China and Southwest China. In response to the weakness of insufficient R&D, another generation of lighting was acquired.

Shortly thereafter, Softbank Venture Capital entered NVC, which not only solved the funding bottleneck, but also brought a strict management system and financial system.

On August 1, 2007, NVC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GE. NVC, as a strategic partner of GE's China market, sells GE light source and ballast products through NVC channels, while NVC will pass GE. , built a stage to the world.
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