Half-height mini-card three-mode PC TV tuner (NXP)

NXP Semiconductors, an independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, introduces the world's first low-power, three-mode PC TV tuner that is half the size of a standard mini-card, allowing consumers to watch a wide range of global TV shows. For a better viewing experience. The new integrated single-chip solution, the NXP SAA7231, not only decodes and captures both analog and digital TV broadcast signals, but also integrates advanced power management technology and is compatible with the Quad-Pulse remote control standard and supports Windows 7.

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The NXP SAA7231 supports analog/DVB-T/ATSC or analog/DVB-T/DMBT-H reception combinations, enabling consumers in North America, Europe and Asia to enjoy higher definition TV content directly from their laptops. To meet user needs, improve functionality and extend battery life, the NXP SAA7231 features a half-height mini-card design that is smaller and consumes less power, allowing users to watch and record TV shows on their desktops and laptops for extended periods of time.

Tony Mangefeste, senior project manager at Microsoft's Electronic Home Media Center TV Group, said: "Windows 7 is designed to respect the user's priorities and best interests, and to perform daily tasks more quickly and easily, even for the most demanding multimedia applications. NXP's new SAA7231 tuner will give users a great viewing experience on a computer running Windows 7."

According to Bert van de Wakker, General Manager of NXP Semiconductors PC Systems, “Now, media enthusiasts around the world are looking for entertainment beyond home TV, hoping to be able to watch content anywhere, whatever they want. NXP is committed to helping people get The best viewing experience. Our new PCTV platform SAA7231 combines the most powerful content access capabilities with the lowest power consumption features, and entertainment enthusiasts will be able to watch their favorite, great-quality programs on their laptops while Don't worry if the battery is good enough."

Hybrid (based on the SAA7231) PC TV Receive and Capture device contains all the infrared remote control features for Windows Media Center in Windows 7, compatible with both RC6 and Quad Pulse standards, providing an ideal foundation for PCs running Windows 7. The NXP SAA7231 also has other features, including improved video, color decoding, FM radio reception and VBI data capture through 2D noise reduction, all of which combine to create an unprecedented audiovisual experience.

The SAA7231 accepts up to three RF tuner (DVB-T, DVB-S and analog TV) IF signals and can simultaneously decode and capture any two broadcast stream signals. In addition to TV tuner signals, the SAA7231 can handle analog baseband audio/video signals such as stereo, CVBS, S-video, and YPbPr/RGB. For cost-sensitive or space-constrained applications, the solution allows DVB-T and analog TV reception to share a single tuner, enabling only one system at a time. Microsoft's BDA device driver package for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP supports the NXP SAA7231.

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