LED display equipment procurement tender notice

Title: LED Display Equipment Procurement Tender Notice Tender No.: (2009) No. 22 Announcement Date: June 25, 2009 Deadline: July 3, 2009 Tendering Agency: Province: Yunnan Province - Chuxiong.. Content: The Lufeng County Government Procurement Management Office needs to purchase a batch of LED display equipment according to the procurement application of the purchasing unit. Upon request, it is decided to conduct bidding and procurement through open tendering. The equipment name, technical standard, parameters and quantity are now announced as follows:

First, the name, quantity and technical parameters and requirements of office equipment

Item Number: 1

Name: Indoor Hall LED Color Screen

Main configuration requirements and technical standards: 1) Drive device: LED dedicated constant current drive device; 2) Drive mode: constant current drive; 3) Refresh frequency: 180Hz/s; 4) Frame rate: 60Hz/S; 5) Gray Degree/color: can display 16.7M color; 6) brightness: ≥1000cd/m2; 7) brightness adjustment mode: software adjustment 32-level adjustable; 8) video signal: RF, S-VIDEO, RGBHV, YUV, YC, COMPOSITION 9) Control system adopts: PCTV nonlinear editing card + DVI graphics card + full color control card + fiber transmission (optional); 10) mean time between failures: ≥ 1000 hours; 11) life: 100,000 hours; 12) leveling Degree: ≤0.5mm between any adjacent pixels; Module splicing gap Company Name: Lufeng County Government Procurement Management Office Contact: Tel: 0878-4121199, 4130308 E-mail: Fax: 0878-4130308 Postal Code: Address: Lufeng County First floor of the Finance Bureau

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