Solar LED street lamp procurement project adopts public inquiry announcement

Title: Solar LED Street Light Purchasing Project Adopts Public Inquiry Announcement Tender No.: FHJZ2009-13 Announcement Date: July 2, 2009 Deadline: July 6, 2009 Tendering Agency: Aksu Regional Housing Management Office: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomy ... Content: The Regional Government Procurement Center is entrusted by the Government Procurement Management Office of the Regional Finance Bureau. The solar energy Street Lamp procurement project of the Akesu District Housing Management Center is now procured by means of public inquiry. Suppliers who meet the qualifications are welcome to participate.
Solar Street Light specifications and parameters:
Quantity: 23 盏 Light Source from the ground height: 3 meters Light source: LED light solar cell; high conversion rate single crystal silicon battery: fully sealed maintenance-free lyre acid battery control system: micro computer intelligent control lighting time: 8 hours / day light pole material : High-quality steel, after hot-dip galvanizing, the bidder has: 1, business license (copy of copy) 2, organization code certificate (copy of copy) 3, tax registration certificate 4, legal representative certificate or legal representative The power of attorney 5, the bidder should have solar photovoltaic lighting equipment manufacturer technology or urban road lighting engineering professional contractor level (inclusive) qualification; 6, the participating units should have a safe production license or related qualifications Or relevant certificates; 7, original and photocopy of ID card 8, quality management system certification;
Remarks: Commitment to the quotation time before July 18, 2009 at 18:00 pm:
Remarks: Each quotation must have a total, be bound in the form of a tender, sealed and submitted to the regional government procurement center. The delivery time must not be filled in the spot or delivery time. Company Name: Aksu Regional Government Procurement Center Contact: Wang Xiaodong Tel: 0997-2128602 E-mail: Fax: Postal Code: Address:

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